Affordable Teeth Whitening Dubai – Smile Dental Clinic Mirdif Get Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai. The Process Dentist will protect gums and roots of teeth with special gel, ensuring your safety ZOOM professional strength bleaching solution will then be applied to your teeth carefully. ZOOM light machine is then turned on with a special light that is used to activate the bleaching solution Continue Reading

Nova Microblading Supplies – Permanent Makeup Tools and pigments

Home Nova Microblading was founded by industry professionals for all Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artists: for clients of all shades and races. At NOVA Microblading, we believe every artist should have world-class quality products at affordable prices. Our goal is to help aspiring PMU artists achieve lasting and jaw-dropping results with every stroke. Source:

Kurt Dog – Work Forth video release off the Album Siezmick Acktivity by Kurt Dog, the sequel to the song 3 Days. Hustlers anthem about everyday street survival from the mind of a veteran full of hood wisdom and knowledge. Source:

Kurt Dog – 3 Days Third video release from Kurt Dog off of the Seizmick Acktivity album. This is the prequel to the fourth video release song WORK off of the Seizmick Acktivity album. Basic street survival of an everyday hustler who does whatever it takes to live the life desired. Source: